Air Source Heat Pumps


Air Source Heat Pumps With Enerxcel

An air source heat pump is a technology very similar to a domestic refrigerator but in reverse, where it takes heat from a low-temperature source such as the outside air and delivers it to heat emitters (radiators or underfloor heating) at a higher temperature.


Air Source Products


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Technical Support

Here at Enerxcel we are committed to providing you with the highest possible workmanship standards. We can offer a complete service & maintenance packages for your air to water heat pump needs.

These include refrigeration and plumbing safety checks, fault finding and repair, refrigeration & water based leak detecting and repairs, controls replacement, recommissioning, and general over the phone technical support.

Annual Servicing Plan

We can also provide you with a special custom-tailored service & maintenance plan to prevent system break down and inefficient high cost operational heat pump installation.

Our basic annual service plan will include:

  • Check water and refrigerant side of the heat pump installation
  • Heat pump compressor health check
  • Check for refrigeration leaks
  • Check water to glycol mixture concentration and if necessary top up to ensure freezing of the wet side does not occur
  • Check mechanical components and safety valves
  • Check expansion vessel pressure and diaphragm
  • Clean magnet filters and strainers
  • Check if leaving and return temperatures are correct and as per the commissioning settings
  • Check if hot water cylinder heats up according to original design and health and safety practices
  • Filling in a service & maintenance report as well as keeping a record of the fault codes that have occurred during operation.