Environmental Policy

We take pride in our service and in adding value to the local community and the wider environment. As such we are committed to proactively managing our environmental and sustainable development impacts. We abide by all relevant legislation and codes of practice and are committed to pollution prevention and the continual improvement of our environmental impacts.

Our key areas of improvement focus on site energy efficiency, our use of raw materials & packaging and waste management. Specifically, we plan to:

Working with responsible suppliers: Our company is taking steps to encourage good practice within the supply chain.

Products & services: The Company is taking steps to reduce its use of raw ingredients and materials and to ensure the processes are efficient.

Appropriate packaging: Our company is taking steps to ensure packaging protects products and the environment.

Efficient transport: The company is taking steps to reduce vehicle use & improve fuel efficiency.

Use & End of Life: We are taking steps to minimise energy use and waste arising from our products and services during their use and at end of life.

Using land, energy & water wisely: The company is taking steps to reduce reliance on natural resources.

Preventing waste & pollution: We are taking steps to reduce its impacts.

Well-being of staff and your local community: We are working towards being socially responsible.

Measuring impacts: We measure and manage the environmental and social impacts of our activities.

Brand & marketing: The company is taking steps to raise awareness of its good practice and get positive results.

We will regularly review our progress and take remedial action in the event of us falling short of our aims & objectives. This document is a living policy, reviewed annually, and we welcome the input and comments of customers, suppliers and employees.

– Policy review date April 1st 2020